About the Author

My name is Scott and I am a passionate guitar enthusiast.  I’ve been playing guitar for a number of years, and while I am not a virtuoso, I have developed a love of learning all about guitar playing and guitar gear.

I’m one of those guys who will happily spend two hours researching the internet to find which type of $6 guitar strings are best.  So considering how much fun I’ve had and how much knowledge I’ve acquired with guitars over the years, I figured the least I could do was share what I’ve learned and hope that I can help others to learn and love guitar as much as I do.

It is important for me to state unequivocally that I am not endorsed or sponsored by any companies who make guitars or other guitar related gear.  All of the products that I recommend are of my own choosing, and the majority of them are selected based on my personal experience with them.  So you can trust that I’m providing you with my honest and genuine feedback on all matters related to learning and loving to play the guitar.  I hope you enjoy the guitar as much as I do and I wish you luck on your journey!