Gifts for Guitar Players

Guitar players are the coolest people around.  Just ask one and they’ll tell you I’m right.  🙂  They have style.  They have taste.  They have an image to maintain people!  And so they need their friends, family and loved ones to shower them with gifts to enhance their look and their lifestyle.  Here are some of my favorite gifts for guitar players in your life.

Gifts for Guitar Players – Fender 24″ Barstool

gifts for guitar players fender barstool

Bold colors.  Plenty of chrome.  Classic Fender logo.  Just the right addition for any guitarist’s man-cave or garage set-up.

Gifts for Guitar Players – Franklin Guitar Strap

Franklin’s original glove leather strap features leather on the exterior surface and soft garment suede on the interior.  Plus the contrasting silver stitching gives this comfortable strap a refined look. And the broad range of adjustments from 38” to 56” will fit any guitarist and guitar.

Gifts for Guitar Players – Guitar Evolution T-Shirt

Is there a more highly evolved human than a guitar player?  The answer is no.

Gifts for Guitar Players – Pedaltrain Nano Plus Pedalboard

If the guitar lover in your life has acquired a few pedals but has left a mess of cables and wires all over the floor, this will really come in handy.  Each pedal secures to the aluminum rails with provided Velcro and the wires can be routed beneath for clean set-up.

Gifts for Guitar Players – iRig HD2 Digital Guitar Interface

This incredible little gadget allows the guitarist in your life to digitally record themselves playing via their iPhone, iPad or Mac computer.  Normal guitar instrument cables get plugged directly into the iRig HD2 and then an included lightning or USB cable plugs directly into your Apple device.  Apple’s easy-to-use GarageBand digital audio workstation software allows any beginning recording artist to capture their sound and share it with their friends.

Gifts for Guitar Players – Star Guitars: 101 Guitars That Rocked the World

This is a great coffee table book for any guitar enthusiast who would be interested in learning about the most famous guitars ever played.  Also included are the super-interesting photos and backstories behind the musicians and their famous instruments.

Gifts for Guitar Players – Marshall MS2 Micro Guitar Amplifier

Looking to provide a little Marshall Amp power on the go?  Then this little gem will do just the trick.  Powered from a single 9V battery, this 1-Watt amp includes a belt-clip and headphone jack for ultimate portability.

Gifts for Guitar Players – Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional Monitor Headphones

If the guitar player in your life loves to crank up the amp, but doesn’t want to wake up the entire neighborhood, these professional-grade, and yet affordable over-the-ear headphones will make both player and neighbor very happy.  If the amp being played has a headphone output jack, then these quality headphones will make a great gift.