12 Bar Blues for Beginners

12 Bar Blues – The Foundation of Blues & Rock

The 12 Bar Blues format is the foundation of most blues music.  But what many people don’t know is that the 12 Bar Blues format is also critical to rock and pop music as well.  Learning the 12 Bar Blues format will open up all kinds of musical options for…

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guitar scales blog

Guitar Scales – Why Are They So Important?

I have to admit, guitar scales are not exactly the most exciting thing about learning to play guitar.  But they do play an incredibly important role in providing a foundation for virtually all chords and lead guitar playing.  Just about every epic guitar solo you’ve ever heard is based on…

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beginner guitar mistakes to avoid

Top 5 Beginner Guitar Mistakes to Avoid

When you’re just starting out learning and loving to play guitar, your mind is racing with all sorts of new information and new things to remember.  How to position your guitar, how to read sheet music or tab, how to play a G chord……. the list is seemingly endless.  While…

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power chords for beginners

Power Chords – Are You Ready to Rock?

For both beginner and professional guitarists alike, power chords are a mainstay in hard rock, punk and heavy metal music.  Their popularity and widespread use are the result of two key characteristics:  they sound cool and they’re easy to play! This blog will introduce you to the following elements of power…

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Is learning guitar online right for me

Online Guitar Lessons – Are They Right for You?

In following the mission of LearnLoveGuitar.com, this blog is intended to educate, inspire and make the journey of learning and loving to play the guitar as easy and enjoyable as possible.  One way for this to happen is to share with you some of my experiences with the various online…

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Why Learn How to Play Guitar

Wondering if You Should Learn to Play Guitar?

If you’re reading this blog on LearnLoveGuitar.com you’ve already wondered if you should learn to play guitar.  And you might have a bunch of questions swirling around in your head….. Maybe you’re not really sure if learning guitar is the right thing for you? Maybe you don’t think you’ll have…

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